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Manufacturer Description

The First to Make it. The First to Make it Better.

It's not an accident that we perform better. As the original leader in bringing LED Headlights to the market, our innovation team has never stopped to improve on what we have created. While others have attempted to copy or poorly copy our original versions at the expense of performance or longevity, our continued focus has been towards delivering you more of what made our original kit even better at a better value.

What's new about Fluxbeamâ„¢ CORE v.2

*Improved Light: The CORE V2 uses a new LED, the FX-7500,designed by OPT7 labs to improve light clarity and light depth. There is a reason other can go cheap. When you go with a non-automotive focused engineered led chipset, you get enough brightness but nearly all the output of it goes wasted. Ask any other LED headlight product on the importance of Lux and Color Index has on the quality of the light and the crispness delivered and you'll receive blank stares.

*Improved Reliability: Along with our FX-7500 LED chipset that ensures our LED's perform without losing life/output and avoid the dreaded "overclocking" that often happens to "off the shelf" LED headlight kits, our new heatsink and driver was designed to greatly improve cooling without increasing the size of the heatsink.

*Core V2 DRIVER: The driver chipset has been re-tuned to encompass a wider voltage bandwidth. In other words, you are even less likely to face flickering, on/off issues, or require a capacitor than kits that have not been engineered to factor these ranges.

*Value without compromising Quality: If $15 additional dollars to ensure your LED Headlight lasts, is engineered, and is supported. Maybe your definition of a smart purchase is different than ours. Not all 4+ Stars reviews are the same. The generic LED Kit review that was put in that hoopty isn't the same reviewer as you.

Product Features

? ALL NEW FX-7500 LED Chip for H3 Bulb Type: THIS is where the money is spent. 20% More efficient than the prior model, the CORE V2 uses an all new LED FX-7500 chipset that runs cooler and puts the light output where it's supposed to go. There is a reason other can go cheap. When you go with a non-automotive focused engineered led chipset, it's bright, but nearly all the output of it goes wasted/scattered. ? BUILT. NOT BOUGHT: Engineered. Designed. Tested. Right here in the USA. Our H3 Core v.2 Kit factors everything that other LED Headlight kits don't. FX-7500 custom automotive angled LED Chipsets. CAD designed and flow tested heat sink and led pole design. 1500 HR Heat and Cold Chamber Testing. ? LUMENS AREN'T EVERYTHING: If you looked around, the uneducated buyer would assume only lumens is the end all be all. As headlight designers, we know. LUX- How Far the light is pushed and Color Render Index (How crisp the light is) are EQUALLY important. Ask yourself if those others LED's using office space led chipsets factored this in their design. ? THE LAST BULB YOU'LL BUY. Engineered for Life. Isn't that what you expect out of your LED Headlight? When engineered and designed correctly, that's what you get. Never Overclocked- Many products "overdrive/overclock" the cheaper LED specs to meet initial output expectations and then dies out faster than a halogen bulb. ? AMERICAN DESIGNED,AMERICAN ENGINEERED, AMERICAN SUPPORTED: Over 10 years of American design and 10,000+ positive reviews on our Fluxbeam Series LED Bulbs - that's OPT7 Lighting