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If one of your headlights is burnt out and it’s time for headlight bulb replacement, the variety of bulbs available at the auto parts store might seem a little mind-boggling. The different types of bulbs that you can choose from are halogen, xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) and light-emitting diode (LED).

Halogen Headlamps

Halogen headlight bulbs operate like incandescent bulbs, using a thin tungsten filament within a glass capsule filled with halogen gas. They offer increased light output on the road and a longer light beam that can offer an increased reaction time when driving at night. Halogen bulbs are the most common headlamp type in use today, offering low cost and a working life of between 500 and 1,000 hours. However, halogen bulbs also generate excess heat, use a lot of energy and require cautious handling to prevent reactions with other substances on the glass.

Xenon HID headlights are around two to three times brighter than halogen lamps — which is great for the driver, but not so good for oncoming traffic, as the glare they cause can be particularly annoying if the lamps are not properly aimed. They use less power to operate than halogens and are good for as many as 2,000 hours of use. HID lights do not use a filament, but work much like a fluorescent bulb and contain an enclosed tube filled with gases. The electric current is ignited by a charge — similar to a ballast — that passes through electrodes at each end. Recently, manufacturers have started outfitting cars with LEDs because they are very energy efficient, have a high lumens-to-watt ratio and boast tremendous lifespans. They burn cooler than other bright headlight types. Their small size also allows them to be used in more creative lighting designs.

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When you need to buy auto headlight bulbs, do you know what your customers are looking for? Some people who are looking for a light bulb for car headlight might just take the first one they see, but others will be quite particular about what they want. By learning more about replacement auto light bulbs before you buy for customers, you can be sure that you are making the decision that is best for you and your business.

Think About What Your Needs Before Buying Headlights

There are a number of different types of headlights on the market. Your customer might be looking for the best and brightest headlight bulbs, or they may be looking for something more affordable.

Usually, if you sell car headlight bulbs, you want to be sure that you have a range of products for your customers; the best replacement headlights for your customers are going to be the ones that give them the most benefits.

Xenon Headlights Might be a Good Option

One option you have is xenon bulbs. These lights are certainly some of the brightest car headlight bulbs on the market, and many drivers choose them for that reason.

Another reason people think that xenon lights are the best replacement bulbs on the market is that they don’t use as much power and last longer.

Xenon Has Color Options

You will also find that these replacement car light bulbs come in varying shades. If your customers want a light that is bluer, one that takes on a yellowish shade or one that is bright white, you can offer xenon.

Halogen Headlights Are Another Option

Though not the brightest bubs, halogen headlights are a traditional and affordable choice. Halogen light bulbs for cars have been used for many years and are the light bulbs that most people are familiar with when they shop for new headlights.

Halogen Headlights Are Affordable

This type of halogen light bulb for cars is practical and very affordable, something that isn’t always found with other bulbs. In addition, halogen lights are quite efficient when it comes to power, and they are available in almost any imaginable size. They are also very easy to install, and if putting them on an older car, your customer won’t need to convert it in order to put in the bulbs.


Headlight bulbs can lose up to 20% of their output capacity in just 2 to 3 years, which means you’re riding around with weakened visibility. Replacing or upgrading you headlamps is an integral part of vehicle maintenance. Finding the right headlamp bulbs can be easy if you know what you’re looking for – and we’re here to help. You can get just the right mix of aesthetic appeal and practical application by taking into account just three simple factors, broken down below.


Headlamp lifespan should play a big part in the buying process. The longer-lasting the bulb, the less frequently it needs to be replaced. This is an important aspect since ease of installation varies drastically depending on the type of bulb you purchase, from plug-and-play to professional install recommended.


The brightest bulbs on the market can increase down road and side road visibility by up to 50%. But, achieving such sight gains does come at a cost. And, the brighter the bulb, the harder it works – meaning a shorter lifespan.

Some bulbs produce a crisp, vivid white light with an intense beam. This definition helps you see reflective signage sooner and makes for safer driving conditions. This brilliant white light gives off the high-class appeal of luxury vehicles.

Halogen Bulbs

Still considered the most popular lighting option in the automotive industry, halogen bulbs have maintained their popularity due to their long lifespan and low replacement cost. Halogen bulbs create standard illumination and come in a wide range of sizes, which makes them readily available for most makes and models. Halogen bulbs use a mixture of gas and a filament powered by electricity from your car to produce an incandescent reaction. This process creates a huge amount of heat and represents a lot of wasted energy, which makes running halogen bulbs less energy efficient. Adding insult to injury, halogen bulbs are not as easily replaced or installed since they can easily react to various substances, like the salt on your skin, so they should not be touched at any time. Latex gloves are recommended for installation.

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